Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trimester 1 Reflections

~ Something I learned this trimester was the process of Meiosis. In the process of meiosis produces haploid daughter cells from specialized cells in diploid organisms. In Meiosis, it produces four new offspring cells each with one set chromosomes, therefore hold the number of chromosomes as the parent cell. It also involves the exchange genetic material between homologous chromosomes.
~ Something I have struggled with is the concept of Osmosis. I don't clearly understand the difference between Osmosis and Equilibrium, or the details that come into play.
~ Biological functions regulate in many ways, one way in which they regulate is through the process of mitosis. The purpose of mitosis is to make sure everything is dividing correctly and at the correct times and to make sure all this happens it has several check points. Each "checkpoint" is there to ensure that all of the organelles and cytoplasm have divided and that their enough for each cell to keep functioning. The most important part in is mitosis the checkpoints in G1 phase before it goes into the S2 phase.